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Raid: Shadow Legends is developed and published by the Israel-based game studio Plarium, and is a free2play MMORPG game with support for many languages, including Turkish. The game, which can be played on MAC, Android and iOS platforms as well as PC, attracts attention with its unique layout.

The Story of Paul C.R. Written by Monk, Raid: Shadow Legends takes place in a universe called Telaria. In this game where you take on the role of a warrior in this universe captured by Dark Lord Siroth, you struggle to liberate the universe.

In the game, which offers 16 different groups and more than 300 master options with unique abilities, you have to make the right decisions in the difficult choices you face by fighting amazing creatures. You must complete the tasks given by surrounding your masters with stones that contain the powers of ancient warriors. In addition to artificial intelligence, Raid: Shadow Legends, where you can take part in PvP battles with real players, invites you to a unique adventure with its impressive visual effects.

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